Katy Perry

Alexander Campbell, Staff Writer

Katy Hudsons second album under the “Katy Perry” psuedoname titled “Teenage Dream” hit iTunes and retail stores this month.

Powered by the strong success of her first single, summer anthem “California Girls” featuring Snoop Dogg, look for this album to be a commercial smash.

On Teenage Dream there is 12 tracks on the retail version and the iTunes deluxe version has 16 tracks (4 remixes) and the video for Teenage Dream.

The second single off the album is the title track,”Teenage Dream” should take off right where California girls left off on the charts if not for any other reason than solid work on it by top producer Dr. Luke.

Teenage Dream dosent disapoint mainstream listners with numerous pop jams like last friday night and the likely third single Firework. For the sexually empowered ladies they will enjoy “Peacock” with its up tempo beat and such lyrics as “Are you brave enough to let me see your Peacock, dont be a chicken stop actin like a bee-yotch,im a peace out of you dont give me the payoff!”


On another note those of us who heard Perry-ex Travis Mccoy’s song “Billionaire,” he fired a shot at her with the lyric “its been a couple months since I been single so, you can call me Travie Claus minus the ho-ho. Get it?”

She promptly shoots back with the track “Circle the Drain” with references to flushing ones life down the drain and Mr. Mccoys alleged addiction to pills.

Pop music fans will enjoy the album and get their money’s worth for Teenage Dream just dont bother getting the deluxe version for 12.99 on iTunes unless you absouluty need the video for Teenage Dream because the remixes aren’t very good. I’d stick with the retail version which is offered for 9.99.