Album Review: The Pack

Alexander Campbell, Staff Writer

Almost five years ago, Bay Area rap fans were introduced to the sounds of Berkeleys “Wolfpack.”  After three albums, countless mixtapes and being dropped from their label, the Pack is back with “Wolfpack Party.”

After the singles “Wolfpack Party” and “Sex on the beach,” dropped earlier this year, the new album was released on Aug 24. Coming in at 18 tracks of  trunk-knocking beats, sexual-bravado-laced lyrics and a general party vibe, “Wolfpack Party” will likely be in heavy rotation this semester in iPods and student house parties.

Sure-to-be hits include “Booty Bounce,” featuring Mistah F.A.B. and Oakland’s favorite duo, D-Lo and Sleepy D, “Stuntin’ When I Roll Up,” and  “Drunk Off Money.” “Dancefloor” will definatly “pack” the floor with its hard-hitting bass and high-tempo feel.  All of you autotune fans need not be worried, Pack producer Young L incoprparates everyone’s favorite voice effect in a few songs, most notably “One You Need.” There are a couple of other good slaps that are probably a little bit too explicit to get into, but rap fans will get their money’s worth purchasing this album. If you like thumping 808s and a hyphy-jerk hybrid with an element of rock, “Wolfpack Party” is a must-have for rap fans this summer.