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What is MLG?

David Walsh and his team, Final Boss, make $60,000 each year for playing videogames. This is no game of luck, all of the players who compete in Major League Gaming, rely on hours of practice and pure skill.

Competitive play has existed since the beginning of the videogame era, but Major League Gaming (MLG) takes it to the next level. Each team consists of players from all walks of life. Aspiring pro gamers, be they day laborers or college students, try to gather sponsors like Red Bull and Dr. Pepper to compete in competitions online. Eventually, if good enough, they travel all over the country to prove themselves worthy of the title “Pro Gamer.”

“MLG’s 8th pro circuit [2011] season will feature more than $1 million in prizes and player stipends, making this the largest season in our history,” posted Kyle Magee on

The MLG pro circuit will feature Starcraft 2 on PC, Halo: Reach on Xbox 360, and Call of Duty: Black Ops for Playsation 3 this season. Registration for the first competition in Dallas on April 1-3 will open March 1 and will feature 208 Halo teams and 272 Starcraft 2 players. The details for Black Ops are yet to be released, but it’s estimated to have a turnout of over 190 teams.

“Whether Dallas 2011 will be your first or 50th pro circuit live competition, we want your jaw to drop when you walk into the venue,” Magee said.

Improved set-ups and bigger venues are promised from the MLG this year. Competitions in the regular season will consist of five events and one final eight-team showdown. So grab your controller and get ready to experience competitive gaming like never before.


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