Campus Police investigate vandalism of SRJC parking garage


Courtesy Michael Combs & Hana Seals

Tagging and graffiti on the SRJC campus has increased since classes started with at least five known cases at the Zumwalt parking garage since Aug. 1.

Hana Seals , Reporter

A group of neighborhood juveniles have been vandalizing the Santa Rosa campus Zumwalt parking garage with at least five known tagging and graffiti incidents since Aug. 1, authorities said.

SRJC District Police Chief Robert Brownlee said police are “monitoring security cameras for suspicious activity and sending staff to the garage when we observe this activity.” Officers are investigating all vandalism calls and taking photos of the tagging in an attempt to identify the offenders for future prosecution.

Once they complete their investigation, District Police will contact SRJC’s Facility Operations team to paint over or scrub away the graffiti. The cost of damages is unknown at this time but police will continue to monitor and review security camera footage.

District Police ask the SRJC community to contact them with any information by calling the emergency line at (707) 527-1000.