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The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

Cheer is a physically demanding sport. Constant conditioning and weightlifting prepares the team to pull off elaborate stunts, basket tosses and flips.

Cheering for change

Hana Seals, Editor
December 14, 2023
A signle SMART train car travels through the rural crossing between Cotati and Petaluma. My return journey on the train was filled with riders, including two boy scouts who sat across from me while I worked at one of the tables on the train. They got on the train in Marin and left at the downtown Petaluma stop. This area of the route seemed to have the most riders entering and exiting.

Getting wise about SMART

Rosemary Cromwell, Reporter
December 14, 2023
Soccer is life for SRJC Womens Soccer coach Crystal Chaidez, who grew up playing the sport. Shes proud that this October and November, her team wasnt scored on for six consecutive games.

Kickin’ It

Jaime Jauregui, Reporter
December 13, 2023

The sun shines through the rafters at Wembley Stadium as FTR wrestles the Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2023 in London, England.

Wrestling Renaissance

Cameron Romanik, Editor
December 5, 2023
Max Millan’s abuelito, Gonzalo, a native of Toluca, holds him up as a toddler as they look towards an early 2000s Mexico City sky. Along with his wife, Millan’s abuelita Teresa, Gonzalo remains a fixture in his grandsons memories. From suffering from the vices of alcoholism to evolving into a faithful Christian, Gonzalos life has inspired Millan, even more so now that he’s become his last living grandparent.

Dreaming in Limbo

Max Millan, Reporter
November 30, 2023
Leilany Sosa sits on her dad Wilfredos lap next to her mom Lourdes at a party at a friends home.

Fading in and out

Leilany Sosa, Reporter
November 28, 2023
Five SRJC students tell the Oak Leaf how they selected their majors and what they hope to accomplish in their careers. Clockwise from top left: Sarah Barnett, nursing; Gabriela Andrade, psychology; Meghan OLeary, nursing; Langley Durham, mechanical engineering; Mandy Miller, filmmaking.

Major decisions

Lucas Cadigan-Carranza, Editor
November 28, 2023
She doesnt want to use her real name, because shes afraid theyll find her. Zen, a Santa Rosa Junior College student who fled her life in China, still receives threatening phone calls.

Living in hiding

Sam Guzman, Reporter
May 13, 2023
A mock dorm room sits in the corner of the SRJC Student Housing Leasing Office so students can preview before signing up to live in Polly O’Meara Doyle Hall, which will open Aug. 11.

Crashing on campus

Christian Vieyra, Sports Editor
May 12, 2023
Ukrainian Hennadyi Balabonav walks among the burnt remains of his home, burned down by Russian forces in revenge for his sons military service, in Malaya Rohan on Aug. 10. 2022.

24 Hours in Kharkiv

Aryk Copley, Former Oak Leaf Reporter
December 12, 2022
A photo sent to Yana Kalmykova shows a high-rise building burning moments after a Russian artillery strike that Yana was hiding from one block away in her mothers basement

Waking up to War

Sam Guzman, Reporter
December 12, 2022