Young hearts: a pair of poems


Allison Khadoo, Staff Writer

1. The Mind that Scares Adults 

It’s terrible, really

Knowing the next time

You fall

Could be worse than the first.


I can’t look at you

Because the thought

Of you not looking back



And it would be a lie 

If I told you
I didn’t want to be the girl

You write poetry about.


But you should know

I have a thing for rooftops 

And late nights.


And will we remember the feeling

Of being young and wild?

Will we remember the bridge

We drove under on nights

That left us asking questions

About this world?

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2. Red Roses

You don’t have to know

Everything about the world.

Because innocence is beauty

We forget this.


I saw a rose.

It blossomed with vibrant color

Bright red and delicate.



After the rose saw me

It wanted to live.

Away from the stem

That held it, 

Tight and secure.


The red rose wanted

What it couldn’t have


And experience.


What it didn’t see was 

The stem offered structure 

Something it couldn’t have

Away from home.


I told the rose not to follow me

“Go blossom more,

Before the world ruins you.”