Bear Cubs crushed

Joseph Barkoff, Sports Photo Editor

The forecast was for rain, but the only storm was the torrential downpour that City College of San Francisco poured over and drowned the Bear Cubs football team 70-0 for its second loss of the season Oct. 25 in San Francisco.

When SRJC, then nationally ranked then 18 though now 29, traveled to nationally ranked 8 CCSF, SRJC knew it was going to be one of the toughest opponents they have faced yet, but no one had any idea how difficult it would be.

In the Bear Cubs’ first possession, starting from their own 3-yard line, resulting from a spectacular punt coverage by CCSF, McAlvain got sacked, then fumbled in the end zone with the recovery going to Trevor Trammell, who scored CCSF’s first 6 points with only a 1:25 off the game clock.

With 58:35 left in the game, SRJC had its work cut out for itself and at the end of the first quarter the score was CCSF 13, SRJC 0.

The Bear Cubs’ defense would never give up on the day doing their best to keep CCSF close but the Rams seemed to have other plans. Despite SRJC scoring handfuls of tackles for losses, 9-41, and four sacks for a total loss of 24 yards, it would ultimately not be enough.

Like a well tactically planned action, CCSF–knowing the Bear Cubs’ propensity to crush and deny the run–passed, and passed and passed the ball to eight different receivers for a total of 397 passing yards. Eleven rushers attempted 33 times but only squeaked by for 37 total rushing yards.

“No one person is at fault. It was 100 percent a team effort all the way around, said coach Lenny Wagner. “A lot of guys played bad.”

Wagner said that the Bear Cubs had lost four or five starters due to injury leading up to the game, but asserted the injuries are no excuse. CCSF is the kind of powerhouse that you can’t let get any momentum because it increases its play on the field.

“The positive would be we have to win the next three games to get to the best bowl game possible,” Wagner said.