The SRJC strategic plan: What the student needs to know to shape the future of the college

Faith Gates, News Editor

Santa Rosa Junior College is changing, and students can be a part of it on April 29.

Hundreds of SRJC faculty and students have worked on a 2014 Strategic Plan for the college.

“It was a joint effort between a lot of different people,” said SRJC Board of Trustees member Jeff Kunde.

“It’s to give a direction for the school moving forward,” Kunde said.

The plan includes SRJC’s vision, mission, values and goals. They created an outline  of general objectives: support student success, foster learning and academic excellence, serve our diverse communities, improve facilities and technology, establish a strong culture of sustainability, cultivate a healthy organization, develop financial resources and improve institutional effectiveness.

There are no specific plans for implementing these so far, but the first annual Planning Summit will take place at 1-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 29 in the Student Activities Center. Students are encouraged to attend this event to have a say in the future of their college.

“We had students involved in the planning process, and we want them in the implementing process too,” said Jane Saldaña‐Talley, vice president and executive dean of the Petaluma Campus. “It’s not for our administrative league to go off and do by themselves, but a college community-wide effort.”

Each objective has one or two people in charge of it. Saldaña‐Talley suggested students contact those in charge if there was one they were interested in.

“I think it’s going to be a really good roadmap for our future, or should I say GPS. We don’t have maps anymore,” said SRJC president Dr. Frank Chong.