Public Forum Held at SRJC to Help Students Become Employable

Domanique Crawford, Staff Writer

SRJC hosted ‭ “‬Following Your Passion to Success,”‭ ‬a public forum were local employees came together to share their individual steps to success and advise students on how to do the same.‭

The friendly atmosphere encouraged students to participate  without feeling self-conscience.‭ ‬Representatives from Trader Joe’s,‭ ‬Social Advocates for Youth‭ ‬and Traditional Medicinal participated in the forum, answering questions and volunteering universal advice for future employees.‭

Each member on the panel came from a situation that  any SRJC student can relate to. T‬he advice they shared with the audience was to have passion for the job,‭ ‬research the job before you apply and make sure your cover letter and resume are well edited.

Scott Kennedy,‭ ‬Trader Joe’s employee said,‭ “‬We want somebody who is going to have the passion to talk about any of the products in the store.‭” ‬The panel agreed that a person who is enthusiastic and passionate about the job will get the customers passionate as well.

Another employee from Trader Joe’s, Scott Hopkins, said, “‬Do some homework on the company your trying to apply for,‭ ‬make sure you have passion for it.‭ ‬If it is not something that feeds you then you need to choose a new profession.‭” ‬Hopkin explains that employers like to know that you are interested in the job for the values  the company holds not that you want the job because it is the only one available at the time.

The panel concurred that ensuring both your cover letter and resume are edited appropriately is the far most important part of the employment process.‭

“‬Focus on your cover letter and your resume it is your first contact with the company.‭ ‬Tell why you are going to be good at this position,‭ ‬your skills,‭” said ‬Judith Year,‭ ‬Human Resource Manager at Traditional Medicinal.