Career day shifts from exploration to information.

Michael Shufro, Staff Writer

Students seeking a future career or career pathway in today’s challenging job market can find answers and opportunities at Career Information Day (CID) from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 27 in the Bertolini Dining Commons.

Presented by SRJC’s Career Development Services, the event will be free and open to the public including high school students and community members.

The event will focus on how best to identify a dream job, and what steps are necessary to make that dream come true, unlike previous years when CID operated more like a career fair helping connect students with potential employers.

 The new approach comes largely from the general lack of current employment opportunity, said SRJC Career Advisor Suzanne Papa. “I think it would appeal to people who have no clue where to start and it would also be good for people who have made a decision, but are uncertain and still need more information.”

Career seekers can explore more than 30 tables with experts representing dozens of occupations, certificate and degree programs. Public safety and medical fields will receive extensive coverage. Other featured programs will include computer studies, water treatment and the culinary arts.

A table near the entrance will feature advisors offering information on how to build a career, what kinds of things to be looking for, counseling and financial aid.

Papa expects at least 1,000 attendees. The event started with only 75 participants in 2000 and grew to a couple hundred over a few years, then eventually reached 1,000 and last year peaked at more than 1,800.

“Career planning is a big part of why people come to the JC,” Papa said, “and each person works for at least 40 years so you might as well find something you like, and that’s gonna pay you a livable wage and make good use of your talents, so that’s why Career Information Day was designed, to meet those needs.”