Winter Break: Stay home and hide from the world

Isabel Johnson, News Editor

Still feeling trashed from finals? Don’t worry! Having a good time doesn’t require leaving your house. Here’s some ideas for the fans of stay-at-home holidays.

You can go to the movies and spend $10 on a ticket. Another $10 will get you snacks. You can go out drinking with friends and spend at least $2 for each drink, and then have to take a cab home unless one of your friends is okay with being the designated driver (and who wants to do that?).

Here’s a thought. Find a friend with a movie you want to see, or use your own supply. Get a group of friends, anywhere from two to fire hazard, and buy $30-$50 dollars worth of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, and pizza at Costco with $10 dollars from each person. Anyone planning on drinking can bring a sleeping bag so you don’t have to worry about rides home.

Another alternative is to skip the movie and play a group game. If you’re more energetic, games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Wii Sports might suit you if you have gaming systems, or you can go with classic board games. Apples to Apples makes both an excellent party game and an excellent drinking game.

You could even organize a tournament of some kind. Bring out Street Fighter IV and see who has the most skills, for instance. Winner gets to gloat forever.

You don’t have to be social to have fun, either. Dig out your favorite video game, set it to the hardest difficulty and see how quickly you can beat it. This is also a good activity for when you inevitably catch the flu.