The Oak Leaf

Editorial Dec. 8: Make a stand against the ‘police vs. minorities’ fear cycle

December 8, 2014

You’re walking down the sidewalk of in an unfamiliar neighborhood when you see a man approaching you. You turn to avoid him, but he also alters his course, clearly intending to meet up with you. As he gets closer, panic rises...

Editorial Sept. 8: Earthquake preparedness a must

September 8, 2014

As one walks around the Santa Rosa Junior College campus, one can’t help taking in its history. The brick-and-mortar architecture holds the level of dignity found more often at an Ivy League school than a community college. The...

Editorial, Issue 7: Affirmative action slipping away

May 14, 2014

The end of May is a time of pride and accomplishment. Many Santa Rosa Junior College students will graduate May 24, ready to move on, whether to pursue careers with their associate’s degree or transfer to another university. There’s...

Editorial, Issue 6: Keep SRJC’s heritage oaks healthy

May 1, 2014

When two trees, weakened by disease, fell down in inclement weather earlier this year, the Santa Rosa Junior College administration decided to remove four more trees due to safety concerns. Planting more oaks, which SRJC President...

Editorial, Issue 4: Controversial nominations deserve more attention

March 10, 2014

American pop culture makes much ado about nothing, giving awards to the rich and famous. Actors, singers and celebrities have their Tonys, their Grammys, their Oscars. There’s another annual honor, a prize given to those...

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