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Firefights huddle in the driveway of a house on Gloria Drive after putting out flames.

Gloria Drive fire alarms Santa Rosa residents

October 30, 2019

Santa Rosa Fire Department put out a garage fire started by a clothing dryer malfunction today on Gloria Drive in Santa Rosa.  Residents were scared when Santa Rosa Fire Department arrived on the scene due to the nearby threat of Kincade Fire. "I t...

Chelsea Connors lost her childhood home in the Nuns Fire of last October, and the rebuilding process has proven difficult.

After the embers: growth from loss

October 25, 2018

A year ago, Chelsea Connors, 22, escaped the Nuns Fire with little more than her pets and her life.  The Santa Rosa Junior College student, like many Glen Ellen residents, lost her home and her belongings in the blaze, but those losses amounted to...

Kettles Vietnamese Bistro, located on 1202 Steele Ln in Santa Rosa, has been open for five years.

One fire, three stories

October 18, 2018

Santa Rosa Junior College business major Jason Do has worked at his parents’ restaurant since the age of 10. Nine years later he has transformed into a successful manager, well-versed in his parents’ finances. Do’s family was one of thousands in ...

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