The Oak Leaf

Multimedia: The road to fame

Haley Branigin and Krysten Copeland, Contributing Writers

December 5, 2010

SRJC student and aspiring model Missy Copeland, aka Missy Cooper, discusses not only the struggles of being a model but the toughness of breaking into the vastly changing modeling industry. ...

Exploring human sexuality

Armando Torres-Garcia, Contributing Writer

November 13, 2010

A "Made in Brooklyn" sticker decorates Dr. Joseph Davis Mannino's office door. As if you couldn't tell by his thick accent, the man is from New York and proud of it. However, Dr. Mannino is a cultured man, especially when it comes to the topic of sex. "I like to joke that I'm so good at sex that I wr...

SRJC campus alive with art

Quinn Conklin, Opinion Editor

November 13, 2010

On the site where the Doyle Library now stands there used to be an oak tree. When construction started the tree was removed to make room for the new building. That old oak has not left us. Artist Bruce Johnston has transformed the tree into four pieces of sculpture, distributed across the floors of the l...

From student to soldier

Jess Rosenstein, Contributing Writer

November 13, 2010

 Not feeling as though his life was unfolding the way he thought it would, Teygan Mason decided to leave the secure surroundings of academia and replace it with .50 caliber machine guns, 115 degree heat and warfare. Mason, 27, of Santa Rosa didn't feel content with the average route a lot of studen...

Professor Shafer brings life lessons to the classroom

Art Dickinson, Contributing Writer

November 13, 2010

For SRJC instructor Cassandra Schafer, teaching communications is a means to an end: world peace. "I fundamentally believe that if people could communicate better, in all the ways that we mean ‘communicate better,' that the world would be a more peaceful place," explained Schafer. It is a bold endea...

Students overcome “eek factor” to use rare tools: cadavers

Jerome Janairo, Features Editor

October 24, 2010

Cadaver 10-191 is the center of attention in instructor Danielle King's Anatomy 1 class. In the classroom's anatomy lab, a group of students in lab coats crowd around 10-191 and watch intently as Jason de Guzman and his partner point out important features of the cardiovascular system. They expose t...

Student volunteer aims for the sky

Andrew Cameron, Co-Editor in Chief

October 24, 2010

Flying in an I-28 airplane would get most people's hearts pounding but, that was not enough for full-time SRJC student Rose Pattenaude. She wanted to fly upside down, and she did so earlier this year at the Sonoma County Air Show. This is one of several exciting events Pattenaude has come across since sh...

Women’s Global Leadership Initiative provides professional support

Michelle Peirano, Co-Editor in chief

October 4, 2010

Diana Ruiz was a mother at 16, struggled with drugs and alcohol and was a victim of domestic violence. Now, in her forties, she is promoting women's leadership and trying to help young women overcome the obstacles they face. For women to form a successful professional community they have to move awa...

SRJC employee and former Democratic Republic of Congo judge weighs in on Congo

Benjamin Gruey, Staff Writer

October 4, 2010

Jules Oyumbu was a judge for low-level criminal courts in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) until 2007 when he moved to the United States. He offered his view and history of the struggle Congolese people: They live in what could be a rich country because it produces 80 percent of the worl...

Immigrant Dreams

Jerome Janairo, Features Editor

October 3, 2010

Life was never easy for Pablo Ortiz, 29. Five years ago he left Michoacan, Mexico and undertook a long and perilous journey into the United States to seek a better life. However, as an undocumented immigrant, opportunities always seemed beyond his reach. After working a menial job as a dishwasher for a re...

Anon(ymous) cast shares deep connections with characters

Bruttney Bailey, Staff Writer

October 3, 2010

A particular draw toward acting for many actors is the electric emotional connection they feel when on stage enacting a role with which they truly connect. The lives of several cast members in the SRJC production "Anon(ymous)" parallel the stories of their culturally diverse characters. Naomi Iizuka's, "A...

Changes coming to SRJC Police Department

Haley Sansom, Layout Editor

September 29, 2010

With every new semester comes changes, new faculty and new problems. Well, this semester is no exception, especially for the police department.  The first change to the department is the new Chief of Police, Christopher Wilkinson, and all of the changes he will bring with him. One thing student...

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