Chow down downtown

Devin Schwarz, Staff writer



Sonoma County is widely regarded as a melting pot of cultural cuisine. Downtown Santa Rosa perfectly embodies culture in its numerous restaurants.

Haku Sushi is a magnificent hole in the wall and a wonderful new addition to downtown’s Brickyard. With a selection of a number of classic and recognizable rolls such as spicy tuna and Alaska rolls; as well as their own unique creations like the “Space Odyssey” roll, which consists of spicy blue crab, cream cheese, mayo, tobiko and green onions. They also have an impressive selection of hot dishes; my favorite is the “build-your-own” Bento Box. Overshadowing their quality and selection is their atmosphere. The polite staff, the décor and quiet private seating will make you feel as though you have died and went to Tokyo.

La Vera Pizza is a grand restaurant in the food centric 4th street in the middle of downtown. The various sauces and array of toppings makes the pizza selection at La Vera virtually infinite, along with the equally vast selection of salads, sides and sandwiches. The servers at La Vera’s seem to be tripping over themselves to be polite in the best way possible, attentive to refilling glasses and accommodating every need you didn’t know you had. The food itself is the closest thing to true Italian pizza that I have found in Santa Rosa thus far. The prices at La Vera are not for those on a tight budget but are a steal for the quality. Quantity is also something that I noticed; though the price may be high you get plenty for your money, more than enough to feed any party.

Almost directly across the street sits Mac’s Kosher Style Delicatessen, a wonderful diner with ‘80s style décor. Their sandwiches are to die for, but this place isn’t a one-trick pony: Mac’s Caesar salad, in my opinion, should be its signature dish. Prices are affordable and the location is large enough for big parties, as well as being snug and confortable for a date night. Unfortunately, I arrived at the establishment late and was not able to purchase a hot sandwich but, despite them being so close to closing, the quality of the food I was able to order was not at all lacking. Mac’s is a great choice for those who want a quick bite on the go and those who want a traditional diner setting for a lunch downtown.