Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries:  If space is what you need, grab a telescope and explore. People need time to respond and not react to a situation. Other times, people just put off emotions like dirty dishes. Deal with reality or it will deal with you.

Taurus: There’s no turning back. What once was, will never exactly be again. Life does not have a rewind button, especially since the VHS is out of date.

Gemini: Realize which part of your thinking brings negativity and remove it. It will take you further than any encouragement a friend could give. Being part of a community is important, but make sure you have love for yourself first.

Cancer:  Crabs like to dig, but when do they hit bottom? When they stop digging. You intuitively know when to stop but right now your body’s saying, “go-go-go.”  Your hole is deep enough; sit tight and wait for the wave to crash over.

Leo:   Laugh when it hurts – that’s when the hormones will help most. Pride holds you back, but the pack does not. Share with others what wisdom you have learned, you don’t need gray hair to know what does and doesn’t work.

Virgo: Learn to let go of anger. Exercise. Vent to a loved one. Sit with the pain. Write down whatever is bothering you on a piece of paper, burn it and then imagine those problems dissolving away. Emotions help us grow, and this too shall pass.

Libra: Hold tight to your seat on the rollercoaster of life; whether you bought the ticket or not, you’re going to take the ride. And if you’re into that, Six Flags has great decorations this time of year.

Scorpio: Love comes in many forms, and surrounds all of us at every moment. Take judgment away from your thoughts, and watch your thinking and aura transform. Every time we judge we allow negativity to spread through the body.

Sagittarius: Anxiety slips the present away. Lately the future brings fear and it’s dissipating the natural fiery spirit that would usually burn the stress down. Extinguish the fear; it’s all in the head.

Capricorn: Do you feel like you’re in the middle of a quarter-life crisis? Mars sparks voices of inner communication; listen to intuition that’s speaking. If changing life in a big way seems like the right choice, do it.

Aquarius: Tolerance will help the voices of confusion slow down. It’s the ultimate acceptance of your feelings and others. Love comes in many forms. Which type will you acknowledge?

Pisces: something in your life is causing you to not be at peace with Earth. Change brings about peace. Try thinking about the situation from a different viewpoint.