The Best Falafel Falls Apart in Your Mouth, not in Your Hands


Joseph Barkoff

On the Corner of Fourth Street and Mendocino Avenue, $6.50 nets you a falafel like this

Joseph Barkoff, Photo Editor

Your tummy is rumbling, you’re cantankerous with obnoxiously low blood sugar and you need sustenance to continue a successful school day.  Well you are in luck.

On the northeast corner of Fourth Street and Mendocino Avenue stands a rather unobtrusive, run of the mill, corner downtown convenience store.

The Fourth Street Market and Deli, along with being immaculate, has a hidden secret.  Its falafel sandwich is some of the best I have had since I was in Israel more than 15 years ago.

The falafel is freshly assembled, along with all of its ingredients, daily.  Most importantly, it appeases the most veracious of omnivores.

The falafel is served in a lafa, also called a lavosh, and wrapped like a burrito which makes even my favorite burrito spot have size envy.  It also comes with the normal line-up of delicious accompaniments snuggled up with the falafel in the lafa: tabuli, humus, tahini, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

One impressive detail was the lack of water and liquid that often accompanies most other falafel sandwiches.  The liquid in falafel sandwiches tends to leak out the bottom causing your delectable cure to dilapidate in your paws.  This one does not, even the tabuli, with its lemon and other acidity which usually causes the maceration of the tomato to exude most of its precious juices.

It is made with great care and assembled by skilled and attentive cooks where there is not even a break in its integrity at its weakest point.

Worth mentioning along with the falafel is the deli case.  The assorted pastas, vegan dolmas, and assorted other normal deli fare in case your tag alongs aren’t as adventurous as you and need a  normal sandwich.  The falafel alone will run you a small fee of $6.50, a small price to pay to keep your educational wheels turning.