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All we have are the stories before death

January 31

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All but Death, can be Adjusted— Dynasties repaired— Systems—settled in their Sockets— Citadels—Dissolved— Wastes of Lives—resown with Colors By Succeeding Springs— Death—unto itself—Exception— Is exempt from Change— -749, Emily Dickinson, 1863 Everything we ever do in the world will turn to dust, and that is our only guarantee. Our loved ones, f...

Aristotle would oppose the SSTF, and so do we

Aristotle would oppose the SSTF, and so do we

December 15

The following editorial was written in solidarity with 10 sister community college newspapers denouncing the Student Success Task Force’s recommendations....

$150,000 later, and not a dime of improvement

November 22

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While the 1917 Steinway grand piano --recently purchased by the Friends of Petaluma Campus--is more than impressive as a gift, the instrument valued at $150,000 plays more to the wants of a few and less to the needs of the many students and faculty battling the economic crunch. For more than a year, everyone from top administrators like Dr. Agrella to freshman just entering...

And the next president should be…

November 10

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There are three things SRJC needs from its next president/superintendent: an ability to lead, the capacity to be the face of the school and the willingness to look unflinchingly at the economic realities facing the college. While both final candidates showed an ability to be a strong leader, only one demonstrated everything needed to be our next leader: Dr. Frank Chong. While...

Shock and awe does not make your argument valid

October 25

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Project Truth staged an assault on the minds and eyes of SRJC students last week. Members came with their posters, their flyers and their aborted fetuses to prove to the school that abortion is wrong. What they showed instead is that they are a bunch of inconsiderate bullies. Bullies? That seems a bit harsh. Perhaps you would prefer demagogues or agitators but bullies are...

Occupy Wall Street will need conviction to succeed

October 11

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The continued occupation of Wall Street has finally broken into mainstream media and now America is eager to see what will happen next. Will sweeping reform change how big business influences our politics? Will the rich be taxed and America’s funds be diverted from weapons to schools? That rests on the shoulders of the American populace. Will they place themselves in harm’s...

Students smart enough to deal with controversy


September 27

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The Arts and Lectures Committee is considering bringing Ward Connerly to speak at SRJC. Connerly, a former UC regent, is a controversial figure because he helped abolish affirmative action in California universities in 1996 as the key figure behind Proposition 209. Added to the controversy is Connerly’s own racial background, a mix of African American, Caucasian and Choctaw. But...

When we are a community…

September 13

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Google+ may not be for you. If you are looking for a place to share gossip about your real life friends, to post photos of the latest party or browbeat your “friends” into helping you work on your farms, stay on Facebook. If you want to see your favorite celebrities crack one liners, find photos of what people are eating or get unverified announcements of the latest celebrity...

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